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The Ins And Outs of Our Open Air Chapel

  • Can you build your open air chapel anywhere?
    Our open air chapel is portable so we are able to drive it to any location. However, to set up the frame the ground needs to be level and in an area where there are no high winds. A site inspection can help to figure this out.
  • What areas do you travel to?
    Our open air chapel can travel to you. We are located in Sydney and quote per event, depending on the distance to travel.
  • What size area do I need for the open air chapel?
    Length: 8 meters (minimum requirement) Width: 5.2 meters Height: 4.5 meters
  • Can we hire chairs through you?
    Our open air chapel is quoted for as is. If you would like chairs included in your quote please specify and we will add it into your quote.
  • How many chairs does the open air chapel fit?
    Our open air chapel fits 56 chairs. There are 7 rows of 4 chairs on either side of the chapel. When hiring the chairs you can also ask for 2 extra chairs for the signing table if needed.
  • Can I decorate or hang items from the open air chapel?
    Yes you are more then welcome to decorate and hang items from the frame of the open air chapel up to 5kg in weight per arch. However, you are not allowed to drill into the frames and anything used to attached decorations to the frames needs to come off without leaving any marks. The frames will need to be returned in the same condition that is came in and any damages to our frames caused by external items will incur a cost.
  • Where are you located
    Our Open Air Chapel calls Sydney home, but she loves to travel.
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