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Our OPEN AIR chapel

After discovering the beautiful Domain De Binet winery in the Hunter Valley, we knew we wanted to get married there. We loved the idea of an outdoor wedding, but equally we loved the look and feel of a traditional chapel.  


 So with the help of our amazingly talented groomsmen (who happens to be an architect) and an equally talented family member who has spent his life working with metal, we built our very own custom open air chapel. Take a look at the gallery. As you will agree, the result was truly breathtaking.  

Our open air chapel was a huge hit on the day and has been enquired about since so we have decided to share it with you. 


So if you have found the perfect location for your special event (wedding, christening, birthday, anniversary or just a big party) but want to add something special to bring your event to life get in touch here. 

If you would rather create your own structure for your special event email us your ideas and we can see what is possible. 

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